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Large format Digital Printing

Our wide format digital printing equipment is state of the art and can print and laminate virtually any size. From vehicle graphics, window, and floor graphics to banners, poster prints, and canvas materials, we can supply high-quality digital graphics for use in nearly any application.

Large format digital images can also be printed on a perforated, ‘one way vision’ material that converts your window space into a large format advertising billboard, while still allowing light in and visibility out. This adhesive window format is a high impact advertising medium using your frontage or window. This makes use of a large ‘canvas’ to communicate your business proposition. Outdoor advertising at its best achieves direct communication with consumers.

Snap Frames

Snap Frames are the perfect accompaniment to your retail business and offer you the flexibility of being able to change your messages whenever and as regularly as you want.Sizes vary from A4 right up to A0 to fit all budgets and signage requirements.

Window Graphics

Our Digitally printed window Graphics are breath taking, full colour images over your window draw the eye and attract attention. These can also be done in perforated materials for ‘one way vision’ and turn your window space into a large format adverting billboard. we can make these to be applied inside the window or on the outside.

Restaurant & Café Menu Boards

The ultimate goal of menu boards is to promote and present what is on your restaurant’s menu. Whether you run a small coffee shop or a large franchised restaurant. An enticing menu board for restaurants and cafes informs patrons about your products, specials, and pricing, and can feature images or illustrations. Illuminated menu boards are also a great addition to any restaurant.


Stickers are self-adhesive (stick on) signs of various sizes. Some people use the term to mean any self-adhesive sign and include signs for windows, walls, and cars.


Digitally printed posters can be mounted in a wide range of easy change poster frames, displayed unframed, block mounted, or in permanent frames. Vista Digi Print’s leading edge printing technology can produce high quality photographic posters, or we can supply batches of inexpensive posters to suit your requirements.

Shop Fascia Signs

A well-designed shopfront is one of your most effective marketing tools— capturing the attention of passing traffic and creating desire in the mind of your customers. At Saunders Signs we work closely with you to rejuvenate your shopfront, transforming it into a powerful advertising medium. The secret lies in the design, and our designers will apply their extensive skill and knowledge to create an effective and high-impact shopfront signage solution that is right for you.

Window Frosting

Window frosting provides your office or business with privacy and subtle branding continuity. Frosty windows adds a very stylish look to office or business windows. Blocks out vision whilst allowing natural light to pass through.

Light Boxes

Light boxes are specifically designed for bars, restaurants, cafes and other retail spaces. Available in a range of sizes, these units are edge-lit with LED lights or Classic Light Boxes that provide even lighting and coverage across your full-colour graphics.

Vehicle Signage

Vehicle graphics allows you to promote your business on the road any where any time. Vista Digi Print can turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard with high quality, removable digital wrap graphics or by just putting your name and contact information on the vehicle or car magnets.


Full colour banners are a great way to attract attention to your business or product. They can be used as long term, short term or portable signs, and are also ideal for non-business activities, such as fetes and social events. Full colour banners are also easy to change, so you can display and reuse different messages for different seasons or purposes.

Canvas Printing

Digital Photoshop canvas prints are the modern alternative to getting an image enlarged, they're also very hard-wearing and long-lasting. Canvas prints are perfect for wedding photos, baby photos and that one in a million holiday snap, Panaromic snap. Everyone that visits won't be able to ignore your masterpiece hanging on the wall.

Vinyl Lettering

Computer cut vinyl lettering is fast, highly accurate and also quite versatile, as it can adhere to a very wide range of surfaces including glass and metal. In fact, you can place durable computer cut vinyl lettering almost anywhere. Vista Digi Print can provide you with a range of design options and colours as well. If you are looking for a waterproof, tough vinyl lettering option that comes in a range of colours and works almost anywhere, then you’ll love our computer cut vinyl lettering options.

Reception Sign

You need a quality reception sign to make the right impression. Your reception sign may very well be the first impression of you and your business. Installing a high-quality reception sign either manufactured from acrylic, glass, aluminium, stainless steel, timber etc, can lead to more business and help you cultivate the right impression each and every time.

Exhibition Signage

Vista Digi Print provides effective and easy to use event and exhibition signage that will get your company noticed and, of course, deliver sales! Corporate expo’s and trade shows are designed to be an assault on the senses, and having a stall that stands out from your competitors is one of the key factors in attracting the attention of passers-by. A good stand should communicate your brand quickly and efficiently, and professional, eye-catching signage is a crucial tool in delivering your message.